Bratton Fleming News

Bratton Fleming News is our local parish community magazine and is published four times a year.  We welcome any contributions to the magazine, so please contact me of you have any writing, photos or poems...or just ideas!


Latest Issue of Bratton Fleming News

A copy of the latest Bratton News can be downloaded by clicking the tile below, back issues can downloaded further down the page:

Bratton Fleming News Team


Editor Lesley McLean 13, Church Close 01598 710115
Artwork Kris Lindo South View


Monica Roberts Sentry House 01598 710692  
Advertising Charles Payne Tawside 01598 710493  

22nd February 2014;    23rd March 2014;  22nd August 2014; 21st November 2014

Outreach Post Office (at the Baptist Church) or Bratton Stores
e-mail the Editor on the above email address


Advertising in the Bratton Fleming News


 Quarter Page (40mm by 125mm) £12.00
Half Page (85mm by 125mm) ££25.00
Full Page (185mm by 125mm) £50.00

Should you be able to produce your own advert on a computer then please e-mail it to the Editor at the above email address.

Payment should be sent to:
Charles Payne
Bratton Fleming

Cheques should be made payable to BRATTON FLEMING NEWS

Back copies of Bratton Fleming News

To view a copy of the Bratton Fleming News click one of the tiles below.  Please note that isssues 108 to 119 are very large files (up to 60MB) and may take some time (as much as 10 or 15 minutes) to download.  The last issue (Xmas 2013) is a smaller (3MB) file though, depending on the speed of your internet connection) this will still take minutes rather than seconds.  I am endeavouring to secure smaller sized versions as soon as possible.  When you 'left click' the tile that issue of Bratton Fleming News should open in your default browser as 'pdf' file which you can then save to your computer if you wish.